Help Wanted!

Brandon's Elves is always looking for volunteers to help with many different areas within the organization including but not limited to fundraising committees, toy collection and distribution, and organizational work.  If you are interested in helping in any way please do not hesitate to reach out by going to our "Contact Us" page and sending us your information.

Brandon’s Elves has been established to remember Brandon Holt who was only 6 years old when he lost his life to a tragic and preventable gun accident in 2013. Brandon loved Christmas, like most little kids, and naively thought that Santa visited and left presents for every little boy and girl. 

This Fund’s main purpose is to provide assistance to families in Ocean County, NJ by providing their children with a Christmas.  We work as a volunteer to the Ocean County Department Of Social Services Holiday Program.

Last year we were able to help approximately 520 children (over 200 families) right here in Ocean County.  We help children of all ages (from 0-18).  Every year the need is greater as other local programs are becoming unavailable. Our goal is to not leave any child without help.

We have officially launched a new program called "Brandon's Elves All Stars". We are working directly with our community organizations by financially helping with registration fees so all of our children have an opportunity to participate in sports and extra circular activities. This is all possible due to the amazing support we receive from, you, the community!

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